Coming Home After Long Term Travel: 10 Tips to Make it Easier

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Whether you’ve been gone for 3 months, or 3 years, coming home after long term travel is weird. Actually, that’s an understatement. It’s super weird. Especially if you live in a fast-paced country/city, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the Twilight Zone.

Everybody is just so strange, people are mostly hurried, cranky and are preoccupied with stuff that you just don’t get. Where are the smiles, the smell of kretek, the billion scooters driving around everywhere and nowhere?

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20 Lessons Learned from Traveling Around the World

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Soul Surf 'n Yoga

What is it like to travel the world? To travel for months and months, just exploring new places? I’ll tell you what it’s like; it’s the best thing ever! And… it’s seriously hard work. You have to organize basic necessities day after day,  survive in unfamiliar places, and stick with it. Long-term travel is no vacation, it is a full-time job.

After 14 months of traveling, I wish I could tell my 14 month-younger self what I know now.  I probably wouldn’t have listened to myself anyway, but it would have made some things a lot easier.

If you’re a keen traveler, you may recognize the following things. If you have plans for long-term travel, I hope you will find them useful.

Here are some tips about long-term travel from our life on the road.

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How to: DIY Surf & Yoga Retreat Costa Rica

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Soul Surf 'n Yoga

Going on a surf and (or) yoga retreat is so much fun. You get to do what you love most, all day long. You improve your skills. You meet like-minded people, make new friends,  eat healthy, and get re-energized.

It can also be so expensive. There are retreats out there (especially here in Costa Rica) that charge no less than $2000 – excluding transport. For one single week! That’s just crazy.

They’re probably very nice though (they ought to be). But, if you’re on a budget, there’s a cheaper and more adventurous way: do it yourself! Create your own DIY Surf & Yoga Retreat in only 6 steps:

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Top 3 must-see islands of Fiji

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Far, far, far (!) away lies Fiji and it’s 333 islands. Yes, 333. I didn’t know that before either. We’re here for 14 days, and since day 1 I feel like I’ve stepped into a postcard of the ultimate paradise island.

Everything is so beautiful. The water is clear and turquoise, the sand soft and white, coconuts and ukulele’s are plentiful and the people are so, so friendly. Every time we arrive on a new island, the hosts serenade us with the ‘Bula’ (kind of like ‘Aloha’) song.

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Interview with a Yoga Teacher

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Surfing and yoga go together like chocolate and strawberries. Both equally delicious and when combined, even more perfect.

This is exactly what former Santosha student Emma Lovick thought. Now, she has her own yoga business Hang Ten Yoga in southwest England. A true inspiration! I sent her some questions, and I think her answers are worth sharing.

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